I am…I don’t like to identify myself with what I am of who I am or with my profession. I am… A storyteller? Filmmaker? Author? Educator? In short, I love telling stories. I believe that the line between reality and fiction is so fragile, that the line between someone being a mystic and a lunatic is so thin. We storytellers are mad, insane, but we’re different, because we try to put on a different lens, more obscure maybe, or less obscure. See I told you, we are crazy. But we try to dismantle labels and titles and professions. We live and thrive on memories, observations, emotions, and feelings. We try to tell our stories in hopes of – not because we hope anything – but because we think and feel and believe stories could have an impact, a tiny bit of impact on the world around us. I am Motaz Matar. A storyteller. That’s what I do: I tell the world stories.


Digital Marketing.

Bird by bird buddy, just take it bird by bird.

The world full of stories and new things.

My non-linear brain.

Believe in yourself. Do what you love. Don't afraid of new beginnings.

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