I am an experienced Publicist with nearly 9 years’ experience in the industry. I have an extensive background in lifestyle, entertainment, music, sports, fashion, pop culture, digital + influencer marketing, media relations, consumer brands and products, brand strategy, social media, and events.

In my role as a Publicist, I have worked with major TV networks, managed and booked VIP clients on accredited shows and in publications, and overseen large events and galas. I have also helped grow awareness for a variety of businesses, and brands, driven numerous corporate initiatives and brand launches, and cultivated talent and client relationships. Some of my most recent accounts include working with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation on a celebrity sweepstakes, the Amy Winehouse Foundation on a never-before-seen exhibit of Amy Winehouse art, and with Warner Records and Glossier on their Grammy’s events.

Public Relations, Music, Pop Culture, Fashion, Sports, Mental Health, Entertainment, Lifestyle

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