Scandinavian unisex leather bags with an option to style your MERÏKH bag to your individual taste by using the small Multifunctional bag with endless using ways. The little handbag can be combined with an optional MERÏKH bag by attaching the Multifunctional bag and/or chain to it in your preferred way. This option is handy if you don’t want to carry a heavy bag all the time, strap loose the Multifunctional bag for your personal belongings and leave the heavy items. The Multifunctional bag can also be attached from the 2 removable straps to your: belt, pet leash / collar, motorcycle, bicycle, buggy etc, and the chain-handle can be used as a keychain. Simple Uniqueness, you decide how you want to wear your bag.

The MERÏKH brand is named after the founder & designer Hannele Merik.The new collection was launched in the end of 2013, however the first original MERÏKH Multifunctional bag was captured already back in 2009. Hannele was walking her dog in Spain and got an idea to create a handbag that could be attached to pet leash to make it more comfortable and stylish to have a walk with your pet. Not long after this Hannele got busy with her sewing machine and got to work on the first prototype, the MERÏKH Multifunctional bag. Today this popular little bag has gone from idea to patent and is already admired by many.

Hannele grew up in Stockholm Sweden with Finnish & Estonian roots and this has influenced her designs offering a simple but yet exclusive look of Scandinavian elegance. After studying Business/Purchasing in Stockholm, Design abroad in Los Angeles, New York & Alicante, and working many years within the fashion industry and other fields in Sweden, Spain, China and Hong Kong, Hannele now is based in Tallinn Estonia since the end of 2013, and devotes her time 100% to her brand MERÏKH.

MERÏKH´s vision is that these bags will be loved and enjoyed all over the world whether your going to a nightclub, traveling, on your way to work, walking your pet, shopping etc. We hope you like our bags and we plan on continuously to create and improve our design and products.

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