Hi there ! My names Melissa, but you can call me Mel. I'm an animal loving , food enthusiast , artist who is willing to give the shirt off my back for anyone I care about . I have one fur baby whom I love more then pizza (and I love pizza). I am from the Bay Area , moved to Sacramento two years ago and I don't regret it . I am a freelance model and I am currently on a quest to start my own YouTube channel , catering to music and artist alike. Hope to meet others like myself !

Marketing and growing a following organically

Editing , editing editing! :p

Don't TRY, DO.

I admire my boyfriend , because he never loses faith in his passions - no matter the detours that may present themselves along the way

I feel like I can talk to animals . I guess in other words , I give a voice to those who can't speak .

Ugh, I'm not sure ! I have this burning fire in my soul to create some sort of platform for others who are like me . & I feel like I won't stop until I'm at the end of the tunnel.

To eat.

I would teach them how to market themselves .

Monica from Friends shaking her dreads

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