Hi, I'm Melissa, and I spend my days writing and thinking deep thoughts about marketing. I work at Cengage, a company working to make education affordable and accessible for all types of learners. I head up their content marketing efforts, and spend most my days leading our creative team and driving our brand story. I often call myself a translator -- helping companies take complicated concepts and distilling them down into easy to understand ideas. Think explaining complex property/casualty claims language to the average consumer or unpacking the details of expatriate tax codes across the globe. I've been doing this sort of thing for more than 12 years, including everything from creating and managing content, leading creative teams, fueling and planning demand generation campaigns, creating public relations programs and lots more.

Dogs, marketing, obscure podcasts.

Staying creative, finding more time in the day.

"It's just work."

Cliche, but my mom--she crushes it.

Being able to take a random assortment of ingredients left in my fridge the day before groceries and making a meal.

Professional dog walker

The lyrics to Forgot About Dre

That on a Mac, Command+Control+Shift+4 lets you select an area for a screen shot and only copies it, rather than downloading it--no more crazy files on your desktop.

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