I'm passionate about making art that sparks a love for color, and the how it intertwines with color psychology, and its role in UX.

I love how, like that apple, "design is more than you see." It's how it affects our senses, shapes our beliefs.

It's about learning about the client's needs, collaboration, and that continuous search for, "just the right font family." In short, it's an iterative process, from ideation, to testing, and maybe back again. That process of wireframing, testing, and working with awesome people, all make the completed project successful.

When i'm not designing, I enjoy photo walks around Philadelphia, swimming, crafts, painting with acrylics on canvas, and baking sweet, colorfully decorated treats, and getting fresh inspiration from AIGA-lectures, their awesome Mentorship program's events, and TED talks.

networking to advocate how grit, freelance work, and soft skills matter. Also, input welcome, on how to showcase how above skills. traits can be of service, mores than the past the adversity of ATS, and, "lack of in-house experience."

Visual details

Empathy, ways to pay-it-forward, and how to create a delicious ice-cream sundae.

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