I am a photographer & graphic designer from Canada and I'm currently in Ireland. Aside from design, I love cooking and developing my own recipes.

I will notice and remember your odd moments. A friend of mine was presenting in class and she sighed to herself, during her presentation, because she bored herself. Odd moments.

For some, having a backup is about being prepared. To me, I don't need a backup because I will succeed.

Feelings. Sometimes, I may not remember what somebody said but I'll remember the feeling they gave me.

I helped coach a dragonboat team, one year. I told the paddlers, the moment you start to feel tired, to focus on their movement. For them to focus on the muscles they needed to activate. By doing this, they will forget they are tired. As well, when you are tired, never use the word tired. A year later, a paddler from that team, sent me an email and said that he applied what I said to snowboarding, and it worked.