Hi, I'm Meg! I'm a Brooklyn-based career coach for women in tech. My clients work for companies like AirBnB, Pinterest, Etsy, The New York Times, and Mixpanel. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, running, reading, and snuggling with my corgi, Gary. Learn more about my work at www.megduffy.com.

street art, Brooklyn doughnut shops, '90s R & B, digging through the internet to find the right information.

meeting people in Seattle! I'm moving there with my partner this summer. He's from there, but NY is home for me. Looking forward to connecting with cool folks!

There are two types of people, askers and guessers. Askers will ask a favor without any expectation that you will say yes. Guessers will only ask a favor if they believe there is a high probability that you will say yes. I am a guesser, so I need to recognize that people don't always expect a "yes" and I have the power to exercise my "no." Shoutout to Jocelyn K. Glei for blowing my mind apart with this revelation.

In no particular order, my heroes are: Frida Kahlo, Tavi Gevinson, Sharon Jones, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Patti Smith, Janet Mock, Tatyana McFadden, Joan Didion, Georgia O’Keeffe, Solange. I love these women because they love to make things, are pioneers in their respective fields, and find ways to help people connect.

My emotional memory runs deep. While I am terrible with names, I can tell you about a conversation we had five years ago or rattle off details about my 6th birthday party (it was at a bowling alley.)

A cross country coach. My high school coach was one of the best, so I'd love the opportunity to empower the next generation of girls with a love for running.

A Tribe Called Quest lyrics

How to hand stitch. It's a simple skill but can really save you in a pinch! Once you know the basics, you can fix a rip or replace a button with ease.