I started photography like everyone else did.... A hobby. My passion grew deeper and I just started sharing images with friends and family. Everyone in my life asked why I wasn't doing it as a profession. 7 years ago, I did.

working with creative directors on 50 person sets. communicating well with others. style direction, art direction.

I have a strong Los Angeles client base without marketing. I want to learn how to market myself in San Diego to get a good client base.

Be yourself :)

Sofia Copola. Her style of directing is different due to her way story telling. My spirit animal :)

I'm very intuitive. I can read someone's vibe in less than a minute. Never doubted myself on this amazing gift I have.

Housewife lol

Everything ;-)

There's so many things. I have a list of things that take 5 minutes. Here's the list.... Make damn good chilaquiles, meditate, pray, yoga, laundry, clean, work a camera, take notes, breathe! take things slow.