I recently moved to Brooklyn with my wife Carey. Hoping to launch multiple plywood CNC furniture projects on Kickstarter. Will be using TechShop in Brooklyn Army Terminal at Sunset Park. Previously UCD / AA / KPF / JDS / OMA / Startup Chile.

Digital making, open-water swimming and making coffee.

Discovering the best way to make enough to pay the bills without giving up on my dreams while taking into account that I need to keep a flexible schedule due to my narcolepsy.

I regularly think of the story of when the tortoise raced the hare. Those who never give up can never be defeated. And this image.. "speed is relative" http://bit.ly/2hn2hYD

Master artisans like Yasuyuki Namikawa who without formal training pioneered black cloisonne enamel spending his life mastering the technique through trial and error. In the end, he was the best. His story is extremely inspiring and one of perseverance and defying the status quo. https://youtu.be/rV062RruwqI?t=3m5s

I could answer 'What's your superpower?' But "what's your SECRET superpower?" stays a secret.

Barista, walking tour-guide or dog walker. Fresh air and coffee are great natural antidotes for narcolepsy. Would love to be a part-time lecturer.

I am regularly asked, "how do you remember so many interesting things?" So I guess the answer to this question is "too much".

How to make 3D computer models. They aren't that hard....