Oregon native. Ad agency producer & traffic wand waver. Photographer. Creates images containing potency & ingenuity. Nikon > Canon. Film + Digital. Loves his lady. Owns a dingo. Thinks food is soul. Food favorites: Thai, Lebanese, Syrian, Indian, PNW, & Mom’s. Sun Devil graduate, Beaver believer. Plays lots of soccer. Basketball too. Favorite color is the royal color. Will travel anywhere. Tall.

food and how it builds / reflects culture. also chips, i know a lot about chips.

taking those next steps. also my chip problem, i need help with my chip problem.

everything is possible. also, try to eat only 5 chips at a time.

people that recognize fear, and then go ahead into the fray regardless. also, people who have control when around an open bowl of chips.

consumption of chips.

i once worked at the chippery (http://www.chippery.com). guess i've always hoped that i would fall back into that. maybe i should reconsider...


it varies, and it's usually on the lucky peach tumblr: http://lky.ph/.