I have been a digital marketing consultant with Uptick since September 2017. I have had the pleasure of working with companies throughout the Birmingham area to strategize their marketing efforts and help them grow their revenue throughout their time partnering with us. We believe in creating success stories, and the joy of working with a great group of companies makes every day a joy.

I have almost 7 years of experience in digital marketing but learn something new every day.

I'm always looking to learn new skills and understand how various businesses operate.

Listen, seek to understand, listen some more, and then think before you speak.

It may sound cliché but my wife. The woman is absolutely killing it with her career, socially, at home, and with our kids. I've never met someone who genuinely loves and cares about others more than she.

I can read minds... so be careful.

Professional bullrider

The greek alphabet

How to do a burpee... then I'll never do another burpee again.

The Chris Farley gif where he's wearing his green jacket and smiling. Then he looks confused... then horrified.

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