Hey There! I'm a graphic designer specialized in web design, digital marketing and strategy, I've been working in very interesting creative projects for example I designed the website of LA GRANGE a Burning Man Camp and Zacua the first electric Mexican car. Also I opened my own Studio: Mati-Kali I'm looking forward to meet you!

Graphic design, branding, colors, composition, image, Ux design and web design in wordpress

3D & Animation

Just do what you love to do

My Mom because she revolutionized her world and her mind by believing in herself she founded her own company which is very successful and most of all she taught me how to believe in myself

I can travel anywhere very cheap and don't miss anything

archaeology, because I love the idea of going to the desert or the jungle in order to find stunning historical pieces or ruins that can tell us something about our past

I remember when I present the exam to enter to the university it was very hard to me because I study for months I couldn't even sleep the night before because I was so nervous, the last person to finish the exam was me, but I got in so it was more than worth it

I would teach how to enjoy 5 minutes with a stranger

I love baby gifs making funny faces

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