Mary Barnett is the Chattanooga Public Library’s public relations and special projects coordinator. She joined the new team of change agents under the direction of Corinne Hill in 2012 and assisted in the founding, management and promotion of the library’s 2013 flagship initiative, The 4th Floor. The space is used as a public laboratory and community platform or test bed for new ideas such as low latency long distance collaborating over the internet, drone pilot school, and informal community learning using library maker space concepts. She is the co founder of Chattanooga Zine Fest and the Chattanooga Zine Library and is currently producing the Chattanooga Zinefest Radio Hour. Barnett began her career not in libraries but in media in New York City working with such giants as WHTZ Z-100 fm, Virgin Records and MTV Networks. She moved to the south in 1992 and has been involved in Chattanooga’s arts and media community ever since. Her own documentary work as been featured at film festivals and galleries in the south.

project management. improvising. creative services.

the technical side of most things. discipline.

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