Life long traveller who has lived in three continents, and loves nothing better than to be constantly learning, travelling, and meeting new people. Journalist recycled into teaching language and communication, and passionate about discovering how creative humanity can be.

Languages, communication (written and spoken mainly), fashion, pop culture and moving & living in cultures not your own.

To be honest, everything! But at the moment I am concerned with consolidating my second career.

Pay attention to your gut instincts but then investigate and work hard.

People who think outside the box and persevere against tremendous odds. It inspires me to do the same.

Face reading - I can look at most people and see what mood they are in. It's actually turning out to be very useful when teaching adults.

Painter and travel photographer. When I win the lottery, I'll be both.

Images and people's faces. Now names, that's another story...

Depends on the person... But I guess how to say hello and introduce yourself in several languages (body language included) is always useful.

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