I'm a happy worker-bee who is currently working as a project manager and online community moderator. My 30+ years in the Austin design scene has helped me nurture deep relationships. Always seeking talented freelance designers who specialize in CPG.

connecting people, especially creatives. building teams of freelancers for projects and events. These days I'm also working as an online community manager, and producer of local events for NextTribe. https://nexttribe.com/

promoting myself. considering myself a true creative, not just a creative-manager.

don't ever burn bridges. you never know what side of the table you'll be on.

right now it's Nancy Pelosi! She is brilliant, unafraid, and a true leader!

my virtual rolodex.

I'm semi-retired after 30 years in the design and advertising fields, and I guess now I'm doing my backup! I'm happiest when I shoot photography, and I'm able to truly capture what I see.

theme songs from old tv shows. Jingles from commercials.

how to make their own light shine from within.

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