Independent Brand Explorer & Strategic Creative Designer. #rooted #radius #resonant #real. I simply love adding value, making it real & making a difference. Dutch in Sweden. 'It's the mind that moves!' ---------- My skills: Listening, Imagining, Analysing, Reflecting, Visualising, Organising, Grasping, Concluding, Realising, Creating, Containing, Experimenting, Exploring, Forming, Programming, Shaping, Sketching, Presenting, Transfering, Selling, Inspiring, Promoting, Supporting, Explaining, Collecting, Materialising, Playing, Testing, Progressing, Connecting, Asking, etc. etc.

... never knowing enough to suggest only one solution.

Getting my roots deep in Gothenburg design community, and find a lovely job environment that uses my talents and skills in a sustainable way.

Put on your oxygen mask before you help others. (Still working on that)

How do you call it, MacGyver-powers. And my face is magnetic, it can make teaspoons stick. Now I think of it: I am a toddler whisperer.

Window-garden architect

The feeling of my daughters cheek to mine. The joy when someone helps me out.

How to do the 'teaspoon stick to your face' trick

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