Hola! I am Marchiano, Marchi for friends and ´him´ for enemies :) New in Barcelona! I work in video games, I was a Producer on Candy Crush Saga (yes, I can still get you free lives). Now I work for the same company (King) here in Barcelona. Self-admitted out of control pop culture, video game and sports culture junkie in love with building special things with special people (that sounded super corny, wow - but I really mean it!) A boring predictable work environment with the classic ´highest paid person in the room decides everything' is my idea of hell, a group of people who are all different working towards the same goal and all want the best for the product is heaven to me and being there doesn´t feel like work. Looking forward to meeting loads of interesting people!

Video games. Way too much. Not even sure it´s even healthy. And about team work, goal setting and building and working for success.

Finding inspiration, structure and help (team mates) in taking the step to build something new

Hard work beats talent any day, but hard work and talent is an unstoppable combination

My mother. She raised me and my brother without the financial or emotional support and both me and my brother ended up doing better than we should have

To quote a lead ´everybody has ideas, but you have so many ideas and many of them are useful´, my mind never stops making ideas. Also: I pay attention to the tiniest details in a product when we are building it, because I know the detail is what separates mediocre from special

Karaoke singer/one of those guys dressed like a chicken with a sign that says ´Chicken half off today!´

Kobe Bryant´s best performances

I would teach them the difference between micro-management and leadership. Instead of telling people exactly what to do, tell them the goal, the theme and the direction we will be moving in and the area within which they can do whatever they want and then let them go and only check in later. Giving people space to be great (and getting space) is the best thing ever.


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