I’m a graphics professional with extensive experience in print, packaging and dimensional signage projects. My formal training began well before the advent of computers, which by no means makes me a historian, but does recall a time when simplicity was a virtue and craftsmanship was a mark of excellence. After 20 + years of designing with digital type I’ve also returned to the analog ways of arranging type for the page, by hand-setting forms in metal and wood type in my letterpress print shop.

type & making it look good, oh, and architect’s floorplans

web production but don’t want to learn it

nobody’s ever died from a missed deadline

race car drivers & race bike riders, they have to be extremely skilled yet never afraid to take chances

reading text upside down and inside out

letterpress & woodworking

12 points in a pica, 6 picas in an inch

how to read an inch ruler

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