people say I am dark. that makes me laugh.

Tarot Cards, Concerts, Art, Food, Goth Culture, useless random weird knowledge.

Creative process, writing, improving or redeveloping a love for design & type.... the ukelele.

Want something done? Give it to a busy person.

Trent Reznor, because he has built a musical empire out of his emotional journey. Shara Nova, because she is an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter. Nick Cave, because he is an incredibly talented story teller. Melora Creagor because she is an unapologetic weirdo who plays a mean cello. Every creative self-starter mastering dark arts and crafts - because that is where I want to end up.

Empathy & Honesty. (I hope)

Tarot Card Reader... & maybe one day dark arts & craft maker.

Song Lyrics.

Probably something to eat.

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