Big Apple born, Jersey bred, District educated; the left side of the right side of my brain is my best feature. I used to create and direct theater, then create and direct fundraising campaigns and events, and now? I create and direct solutions for social good. I'm in graduate school building a toolbox for experiential design, event planning, and user experience strategy. Looking forward to building some kick ass stuff.

running a summer camp, throwing a party, and planning a camping weekend.

Life is truly a game of attention. what you deliberate over, negative or positive, will have a big effect on how you feel day to day.

I tend to admire institutions over people - TED, Sundance, Serious Fun Network - for promoting thought and creative engagement across communities. These days I'm inspired by Emma Watson, Samantha Bee, and John Oliver, who are sharing their POVs and providing clarity and forward motion in this hazy moment in time.

A theater and event producer by trade, my brain sees the big picture job and all the individual tasks that file in. I get it done, with a smile on my face.

Elementary school outdoor educator.

Liz Lerman's critical response process.

How to rig a sailboat. Or Improv rules. Or how to improv on a sailboat.

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