Designer Lucila Diaz is the Founder and Creative Director at Harmony Sense Interiors Ltd. in North Vancouver, BC. and offers interior design services all over the lower mainland. She established the company in 2006. With more than a decade of experience behind her, Lucila has had the opportunity to work in numerous projects from doing TEDx stage design to the Production Design for HGTV’s Property Brothers to styling hotels and yachts and being involved in the renovating and building of numerous homes creating along the way great relationships with traders and suppliers.

Interior design. I create interiors so that whoever, lives, walks, shops, studies, presents, eats or works in them does it a more enlightened way.

Balancing the time I spend with my family and work

Don't assume

My late grandmother. She was ahead of her time. Always proud of her Japanese heritage and never ashamed of being different. She was extremely knowledgable. She never stopped learning. She was a devoted grandmother, an outstanding artist, and an amazing cook.

I get a lot of my ideas and answers to my problems in my dreams

I have a bachelor's degree in Statistics. I love math. I also have an MBA with a Marketing specialization. I used to work in market research before I founded my Interior Design firm.

The name and order of the Solar planets :) but it has to be in Spanish and I have to sing them.

My theory of 4. Humans fight and argue even though at the core we might want the same thing. We just have been given a different lens from where to look at what we believe is the only truth. Using my love of math and a simple analogy on how to use 2 numbers that add to 4, I shed some light on how we can use respect, empathy, stop assuming and start collaborating so that we can evolve.

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