Louise Gallagher has the soul of a warrior poet and the heart of a lioness. She has transformed tragic circumstances into a life filled with passion, joy and service. A writer, artist, story-teller, Louise inspires women to dive into their creative essence to set their hearts free to love themselves for all their worth.

Her book The Dandelion Spirit was turned into a documentary for the Oprah Network and has touched people's lives across North America. Louise's work in the homeless-serving sector includes inspiring efforts like the development of the Possibilities Project at the Drop-In Centre that uses art in its many forms to inspire peole to tap into their core and discover life beyond the streets. She is passionate about daring boldly, living bravely, and being kind in all things. You can find her everyday on her blog, https://dareboldly.com and the rest of the time in her art studio or walking her dog, Beaumont the Sheepadoodle.

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