I'm serious about taking care of business. Like seriously serious: I have a (TCB) tattoo that says so.

I have always lived and breathed creative entrepreneurial culture, splitting my formative years between my mother’s salon and grandmother’s atelier. I learned early on about the importance of good style, good design, and good business—and how they can completely change one’s mood, outlook, and chances for success. Like a great haircut or the perfectly tailored ensemble, good brand design is an eye-catcher that allows the real—and best—of what you have to offer shine through. On that same note, bad brand design, like a bad haircut or an unflattering outfit, can seriously distract from the good stuff.

In this vein, I consider myself a brand stylist, nailing the design and strategy and attracting the eye of consumers so they can discover the outstanding products and services each client’s business has to offer.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband Doug, son Waylon, and our two cats. Outside of work, some of the things I enjoy are beaches, Italy, The Office (that’s what she said!), loud rock shows in small venues, and Bergdorf Goodman.

business styling, entrepreneurship, solopreneurship, women in business

marketing myself, meeting like-minded business owners

The Boss once told me, "You can't start a fire without a spark."

I can think of a more creative way to do most things.

Is rock star taken?


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