A California native with an eye for digital marketing, innovation and random cool things | Digital Marketing Consultant |

digital marketing - specifically social media marketing & content strategy....and booking cheap flights.

staying relevant & up to speed with the ever changing social and digital world.

reply to all professional emails within 24 hours, even if it's just to say "OK, I'll get back with details later".

people who are themselves - no B.S.- they run life and business how they want.

Improvising. Trying to find a solution for whatever obscure problem that may arise.

Restauranteur. I love food and know stuff about business - why not try to combine the two?!

Things I am actively interest in - it usually changes in the moment I'm seeing it, so I tend to remember a lot of weird things.

How to book a cheap flight. Hint: It involves at least 4 websites + a timer.


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