Hi! I'm Liz, born and raised in Kentucky - I went to school in Chicago and then made the obvious move to Prague for a year and then Seoul for five. Before moving to NYC in 2014, I spent a year traveling around the world. I'm a photographer (fine art, portrait, and travel), writer, and video maker. I currently work in Manhattan producing partnerships and creative content (articles, videos, marketing materials and even a wall mural for a trade show). I'm obsessed with art classes (currently learning how to silk screen) and am often juggling multiple personal projects at once.

Korean food! Where to go and what (and how) to make at home!

not pressing 'snooze' when my alarm goes off in the morning.

Thinking about it doesn't get you as far as doing something about it.

My mom! She constantly puts others before herself, even so much as returning to school to receive an additional degree in Social Work.

Finding my way back to my hotel (or hostel or Airbnb) in foreign cities.

Korean food truck chef.

TLC song lyrics.

The time step! Everyone needs a little tap dance step in their life.

any gif involving sloths, pandas, and Joe Biden.

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