I create magical transformative healing sessions for individuals, and pop-up group healing experiences for agencies and organizations. Using a unique blend of acupuncture, acupressure, and guided visuaIization, I see clients in-office (811 E. Burnside), at their home or hotel, and in curated pop-up group healing experiences. In addition to being a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, I am an accomplished visual artist, a published writer, and an educator. As a consultant on creative projects, I am an active listener, confidante, and idea partner, introducing theories and principles that stem from acupuncture and somatic energetics into the creative process, to help artists get unblocked, embodied and invested in their work.

health and wellness, visual art, expressionism, lyric language, Chinese Medicine, the creative process, getting unstuck, embodied, and inspired.

finding the clients and agencies with whom to work where I can help people feel more safe and comfortable and creative in their bodies, and I can learn and grow and be challenged.

Do what is selfless and generous.

reducing and sometimes eliminating pain, and helping artists make their best work

artist assistance and creativity consulting

how to awaken the senses

embodiment techniques

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