I am a pet fanatic, who loves to read, try out exotic places to eat and have all sorts of adventures. I cannot bear monotony, conformity, boundaries and ill-will competition. I have a keen aesthetic sense and love nature. I tend to give others the benefit of doubt and I go as far as giving second chances. I am a social hummingbird but I do enjoy my privacy and some isolation time. I am a humanitarian and am compassionate about anything that is out of ordinary.

Pets, travelling, books, adventures, creativity, birthday surprises and maybe even you!

Not being bored and stuck in a rut!

It's going to be a struggle either way, trying to be who you want and trying to be who others want you to be. So, better be someone at least you shall be proud of!

I am waiting for myself to become one such person.

Encouraging people to go beyond their fears and get what they want without their even realizing it.

Content Writer, Motivational Speaker, Fashion Designer, or Pet Hostel Owner!

That everything I need to remember, I should jolt down in reminders.

How to become a thumb wrestling champion!

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