I'm a designer, illustrator, mess-maker, and bourbon enthusiast based in Chicago. I was born and raised here so I'm prone to say strange things, like "frunchroom" instead of living room. My personality type is INFJ. My sun sign is Cancer and my rising sign is Capricorn (if you follow that sort of thing).

Harry Potter, bourbon, silent films, vintage cameras, and midcentury fashion.

nothing because I'm way too stubborn to ask for help, even when I'm practically drowning.

"Done is better than perfect". When you're a obsessive perfectionist, trust me, words like that really help.

I most admire my fellow derby league mates. They are a bunch of bad ass women that inspire me every day.

I am a fast learner and extremely resilient.

Journalist or librarian.

All of the prepositions in alphabetical order.

Some curse words in Italian :)

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