I’m Lisa Speer, the founder of Speerhead Solutions, a strategic branding business. I help small businesses use their brand effectively – so they can attract their ideal clients and shorten their sales cycle. Service business are our sweet spot. Our sweet spot is service businesses, creative professionals, consultants and coaches.

My podcast, Branding BFF®, features behind-the-scenes conversations with entrepreneurs and brand creators for insights and inspiration you can apply to your brand and your business.

Before working with small businesses, teaching and speaking, I built my career in NYC working at agencies on global brands such as Samsung, Volvo and Hilton Worldwide.

Outside of work I'm immersed in the cultural, creative and coaching communities in Charlotte, NC.

brand strategy and helping clients have a brand that is clear, cohesive and compelling.

Expanding my creative network.

compare = despair

3 contemporary women popped up for me: Iris Apfel for being creatively engaged into her 90s and inspiring others thru her unique creative vision, commitment and vivacity. Ellen DeGeneres for her commitment to joy through laughter, dancing and being yourself. Esther Perel for her cross-cultural and provocative insights for modern relationships and sexuality.

asking powerful questions

Coaching. I use coaching in my business however it could be a standalone career. I already have my coaching credential through the ICF and coached for 10 years.

Taking care of my dog!

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