ME in 68 WORDS

I’m a Data Designer with a background in science + art. I get very excited about inclusive design ideas, data humanism, and exploring new ways of communicating data in a very accessible, friendly way. My approach to visualization follows the proverb ‘less is more,’ and is motivated by rationality, usability, the human visual system and how these factors can be combined to answer meaningful questions - Let’s talk!

data visualization

visual design

less is more

My heros (in no particular order) are Giorgia Lupi, Stephanie Posavec, Mona Chalabis, Alberto Cairo, Nathan Yao, Gregor Aisch, Mike Bostock, Stephen Few, Martin Kryzwinski, Tamara Munzner, Edward Tufte, and Steve Krug to begin with. I aspire to produce work that allows us humans, to connect and engage with data more easily.

sleeping anywhere

ux developer

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when to use pie chart vs bar chart

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