40 years in 60 seconds:


Joining FKP architects in 2010, he continued to strengthen their hold on the children’s hospital market sector and making them the leaders in the planning and design of children’s hospitals in the United States of America. He became a Principal in FKP and was a member of their mergers and acquisition team that led to the firm being acquired by CannonDesign in November 2017.

Mitch now co-manages the pediatric practice of CannonDesign while continuing to serve as principal-in-charge for children’s hospital clients and managing director of the Columbus office.

For 30 years as chief marketing officer, project manager and principal-in-charge, and ultimately president and chief executive officer, Mitch helped spearhead Karlsberger’s growth:

  • from $4.5 mm to $38 mm in revenue
  • from 1 office to 4 offices in the U.S. (Ohio, New York, Alabama and Florida)
  • from 1 major market to 3 (healthcare, science & technology, and higher education)
  • from work in 12 states to 42 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, and 1 Atlantic Province
  • from “Who are those guys?” to one of the leading healthcare planning and design firms

Note: Karlsberger went out of business three (3) years after Mitch departed and joined FKP. There demise was due to poor financial and project management (while attempting to sue a client with larger financial pockets) of the new leadership team and not Mitch’s departure. They had no debt and a significant backlog of work upon Mitch’s departure.


Mitch has always lived by the philosophy that the client’s needs come first. This led to consistent increase in revenues and a high rate of repeat client business. All tasks require a well-crafted strategy, from cold calling, to face-to-face client interaction, to proposal strategy and response writing, to presentation coaching, to closing the deal and negotiating the contract and fee. This philosophy has become more important during the limitations placed on everyone throughout the pandemic.

Note: Mitch has been part of the team that has secured in excess of $20 mm for the first four months of 2020 (and through the current COVID-19 crisis and WFH mode).


Thought Leadership is establishing a relationship with, and delivering something of value to, your customers that aligns with your value. In the process you go beyond selling a service to establish your company as the expert in that field and differentiating yourself from your competitors. Mitch initiated numerous programs professionally that support this mode of thinking. He had been involved in the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) for more than 35 years and assisted in the creation their facilities design and construction track along with their sponsorship program that formerly attracted architectural firms from around the United States. CHA ceased this program in 2017 and no longer allowed attendance from non-children’s hospital members. Mitch has also been involved with the Association of Academic Administrators in Pediatrics (AAAP) since 2010. He actively participates and presents at their annual meeting on a variety of topics related to the planning and design of pediatric facilities.


Mitch helped develop the healthcare design excellence initiative at Karlsberger stressing the importance of creating superior design solutions that worked. He understood that hospitals recognized the correlation, in their patient’s eyes, between good design and excellent care. This initiative led to improved design solutions, garnered 12 national magazine covers in 2008 and 2009, and higher Press Ganey scores for their healthcare clients. He has carried on this vision to FKP, when you joined their organization, and now at CannonDesign.

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