Leslie has worked with small to mid-sized businesses on their “on-premise advertising” and has over 10 years B2B sales experience here in the Treasure Valley. Leslie is currently a Marketing Consultant at Cumulus Media where she helps her clients reach their business goals by creating successful advertising campaigns using Radio & Digital Advertising Tools.

Leslie attended Boise State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. During her time at Boise State, she competed in the National Student Advertising Competition, where the teams were tasked with creating an integrated marketing plan for the Toyota Matrix. Leslie was the Director of Public Relations and Promotions on her team and 1 of 5 presenters. At the district competition, the team took 1st place – for the first time ever for Boise State.

Sales & Marketing, Working with Small Business Owners, Pushing Projects Forward, Being Competitive and Persistent.

building my personal website...anyone?

If it were easy, everyone would do it!

Serena Williams. Why? Seriously, I think she is the most amazing human alive because she has overcome so much adversity in her life and still WINS! She has won the most singles titles of women or men in the Open Era. She is a trailblazer for women and an amazing role model in my eyes. If I ever met her in person, I would probably start to cry and she would think I was so weird!

People say I am funny, but last weekend when I was helping my friend move, I learned I am a master packer and can fit an insane amount of furniture and boxes in a tiny storage unit. When my profile said "For Hire", however, it was not referring to helping you move, sorry!

Formula 1 Race Car Driver

I would teach them how to spike a volleyball!

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