I am a mufti-disciplined creative...photographer/actor/writer/dancer, with a BA in Interior Design (Kent State), who is inspired by life and being "in the moment". Many of my images are just that...improvised inspirations or "Spontaneous Art" as I like to call it. I take joy in creating images that are unique…taking natural & structured images, and giving them an abstract twist. I am inspired by human interaction with nature and our surroundings. There is much beauty to be found, and many lessons to be learned in our world. So my subject matter covers the gamut...from Scenic & Still-Lifes, to Portraiture & everything in between. There are no limits on the limitless….

Keep believing in yourself and your dreams.

Initiative; humility; respect for self and others; and thinking "outside the box".

Surviving a felled Redwood tree...


Believing and keeping faith in oneself and one's abilities.

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