I'm a Realtor with RE/MAX Homes and Estates. I also used to run a boutique graphic design business together with my husband called Once Blind Studios, which is what got me into Creative Mornings.

Helping people get to the core of what they want in a home to purchase, or what they want in the sale of their home (it's not always money!).


When you don't know what to do, the answer is always "The most loving thing." Sometimes figuring that out is more difficult than it sounds, but it's always correct.

Spelling. And opening jar lids.

Backup Dancer for Janet Jackson. Or archaeologist.

Prologue to the Canterbury Tales in Middle English. "Whan that Aprile with the shoorest soote, the droughts of Maarch hath pierced to the roote..." I'm pretty sure that's spelled wrong but I can say it aloud.

I'm thinking...maybe a little breakdancing.

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