I'm an Artist, Graphic Designer, striving to be an expert advertiser to eventually change the world for the better with my talent and skills. The images below are all mine. The photographs of the earth and the zombie were taken with my iPhone and are from my instagram page. The logo/sublogo's as well as the retouching sample are from my online portfolio.

Photoshop, Colored Pencils, Graphite Pencil Drawings.

Oil Painting, Abstract Art, and I want to learn to sculpt better.

"For every 100 no's there will eventually be one yes. If you really want to make it happen, you have to strive for success and keep at it. "

I have a knack for making people smile and/or laugh. I'm a goofball when I'm not in "work" mode.

I'm not only a graphic designer but also a professional photo retoucher. I'm thinking of starting an online store to sell my paintings/drawings.

i before e except after c :)

I would teach them the first steps to start learning how to love themselves. We all are, after all, our own biggest critics. I finally have started to learn to love and accept myself.