As a food & wine "Evangelista;" who gets others excited about life and about celebrating the God given blessing of a bountiful meal on each day, I combine my "magnificent obsession" of healthful exotic fare with my adoration for public speaking, and share my élan, and artfully plated creations with others. As a wine tasting conductor, who gets folk "drunk on life" while teaching wine etiquette via an "edu-tainment" style, it is a joy to help demystify all that snooty oenophilia out there, and to raise a great goblet of gratitude to life! A zealous dog lover, (I had 5 but am now down to just 2) and as a woman who cooks a gourmet meal for my dear canines each day - and devoid of corn, soy and wheat (as holds true with mine), I can share that I DO indeed sometimes adore DOGS more than I like people. And too, as a "Taken" survivor - having narrowly escaped atrocity while traveling abroad years ago - I am a passionate advocate against the sex trafficking and slavery of women, and committed to raising awareness about the obfuscating methods and realities of "how" such snares and underground fiefdoms operate abroad. In tandem with my heartfelt keenness toward this cause, I passionately believe in empowering women to love their bodies, to slay "body hate" issues & tissues, and to feel grateful for "aging!" In so doing, I love when my contagious enthusiasm for us confidently celebrating such does spilleth over, and encourage others to feel confident, and for them to be secure enough to be supportive toward other women too. AND, my favorite "food group," is unequivocally, SALT & OIL! (But my favorite dish is CARPACCIO - and either of raw ostrich steak or Faroe/Norwegian Salmon - yes FOOD is not the enemy, nor is "good fat" in my book). My Motto: Fasting One Can Do In The Grave.

Healthful exotic eating.

I suppose a bodyguard/driver/dog sitter (all in one) on occasion would be helpful.

Keep breathing.

Amelia Bedelia because she took everything literally. And Joan Rivers for her smarts and humor. And Steve Harvey for his "You've got to JUMP" inspiration!

Getting others excited about life!

Coming up with dog names! Or being a columnist.

Everyone's birthday. To ask about others. To be grateful for everything and to "thank" people.

How to celebrate life via our food & wine! (And hugs)!