I am a native Texan whose perspectives have been shaped by my experiences as a cowboy and a volunteer ESL teacher and my travels in Latin America as much as by my formal education or my work as an editor and writer. My current projects include the use of Semantic MediaWiki to create online resources that support multilingual, multicultural approaches to legal literacy and data literacy.


I would like to learn more about social enterprise, benefit corporations, B Corps, etc. and how such business organizations can be adapted to promote multilingual, multicultural legal literacy and support the Sustainable Development Goals.

"Never take counsel of your fears," a quotation that has been attributed to General George Patton.

I admire my paternal grandmother most because she was a stable and consistent influence from the time of my birth until the time of her death.


What is a "career"?

The people who make me feel positive.

I would teach them about cognates.