I run Tide Productions, a film and media company that specializes in video, photography and animation. I love coming up with interesting ways to send a message and I believe so strongly in the power of cinema! Plus I can watch TV and justify it as work research, so my life is pretty cool.

Video advertising, communicating a message.

How you present yourself directly affects how much people trust you as a business owner. Doesn't matter how good you are if you dress like a uni student, people will think twice.

The team at La Communidad and their wonderful work in advertising, also, like all film nerds, Stanly Kubrick and his ability to send a message through cinema.

I can limbo like a boss.

Always said it was to work with seals or otters at SeaWorld but I'm not sure I could handle the smell of myself after work. Maybe a PA, all the pressure of my current job but half of the decision making.

TV scripts, I can quote most of Brooklyn 99 and pretty much every line from Friends.

Maybe how to use the settings on their camera.

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