reaching most things, math, waking up early, learning calligraphy.

One time when I had just started a new job, I was standing behind the much busier cooks, waiting for them to get out of the way so I could grab something for my job. My chef saw me and said, "you have a job to do, tell us to move. Your job needs to get done just as much as ours." It reminded me that no matter how insignificant I feel, or how little I'm contributing, I'm still working and still contributing and I'm doing a disservice to myself and others to feel like I am less important. It serves as a great reminder, especially when feelings of inadequacy and impostor-syndrome creep up as a creative working in non-creative jobs

LIZZO. She's a bad b.

My current one--the food and beverage industry

State capitals and state abbreviations.

the yaas queen kid from broad city.

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