I am an environmental scientist turned UX designer. So let’s face it, I love to observe, collect, and analyze data. For the last 7 years, my career has been in environmental consulting. I believe strongly that as humans, it is our duty to protect and serve this earth we so gratefully get to live. On a daily basis I assisted with research, planning, and designing of soil remediation systems. I honed my leadership skills by overseeing and managing large scale construction and excavation projects. But there was a missing piece for me in this career path, which lead me to UX design.

The missing piece, was more human interaction. Connecting with people and hearing their stories is a huge passion of mine. From my studies abroad in the Turks and Caicos to my internship in Wellington, New Zealand, I learned to be a great communicator and outgoing person since I was a lone traveler. UX lets me bridge my love for the environment and my love for people together. By understanding the deep connection of human relationship with their environment, I can design a more intimate solution.

When I am not designing, I enjoy my continuing and passionate relationship with nature. Whether it be hiking, camping, or playing sports during the summer, to picking my line down the mountain during winter, nature is where I find solitude and peace. I am very outgoing and tend to make a friend everywhere I go. I prefer engaging in meaningful conservations over fermented beverages.

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