NICE TO MEET YOU You don't fit in the little box that the wedding industry tries to put you in. I don't either.

Most of my clients just want an awesome photographer that lets them be who they really are.


You value authentic photographs that feel true to your story. Magical and beautiful photographs. Funny and clever and special photographs of all the little moments you didn't even realize were happening all around you. I'm not just there for you today. I want you to treasure your photographs in 5 years, 10 years, 50 years from now. And thanks to your investment in high-quality artwork, you and all of your loved ones will be able to enjoy and share your memories for the rest of your lives.

YOU WANT SOMEONE WHO'S GOT YOUR BACK You want someone who can deal with last minute wedding disasters and won't miss a beat. Need a bottle of water? Don't know how to pin a boutonnière? I'm there for you, all the while keeping an eye out for your Mom shedding a tear when she sees you in your wedding outfit for the first time. Thanks to lots of experience at lots of weddings, I know what to look for and my goal is to keep you feeling relaxed and focused on what's really important.

Treat everyone as if they might be your next big break.

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