I’m a Creative Director at argo design as well as an author, speaker and consultant on the topics of customer experience strategy, kaleidoscopic thinking, creativity and play. In my career, I have been involved in almost every industry including consumer, financial, healthcare, education, travel and automotive. I spent ten years at frog design. I have also worked at IBM, M3 Design, and Trilogy (once described as Insanity, Inc. by Fast Company.)

I have spoken at venues such as MIT, SXSW, ToyCon, IIT, INPlay, the Creative Leadership Academy, YPulse MegaMashup, CPSI’s Creativity Conference and the IDSA World Congress. I have also written for The Atlantic, Fast Co. Design, Parents Magazine, GOOD, Gizmodo, Interactions, Innovation, Monthly DESIGN (Korea), Texas CEO & China’s Global Entrepreneur. My Fast Co. Design article, “The Four Secrets of Play Time That Foster Creative Kids,” garnered a nod as one of the Best Innovation Essays in 2010. I have been interviewed on the topics of play, creativity and technology by Forbes, Forrester, CNN, The Futures Laboratory and MIT’s Technology Review.

design, research, creativity, play, change and where most of the dead bodies are dumped in Austin. (seriously, wrote a thriller set in Austin about 10 years ago)

managing my time, there is never enough time to create

don't let others set limitations for you

any rule breaker

two pounds of pressure, two seconds and I can render your hand useless

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how any word is spelled - because i see words in my mind's eye