I'm inspired by botanicals, music, fashion, food, art, design, and technology.

After a ten-year career in marketing, I left to create my own plant business, FAIT | NOLA and started the company out of a 23-foot box truck, popping up all over New Orleans.

We believe plants are a medium for creative expression. Our studio connects people to the exotic and promotes vibrant, organic living experiences through plant styling and local craft. FAIT is about finding your creative source, getting your hands dirty, making the green things part of everyday life, and promoting the artistic energy of New Orleans.

We offer a wide array of plants, from tropicals - like giant bromeliads and staghorn ferns - to succulents and cacti from across the United States. We also help style your plant in a beautiful setting that is unique to your tastes, whether that’s helping you create a terrarium, mount a staghorn fern, or repot your plant in the perfect ceramic piece -- both one-on-one and through workshops.

uniting individuals online.

finding new clients.

always follow your gut.

Brene Brown. her TED talks are honest and i connect with her message on shame and vulnerability.

i travel and the speed of light, of course.

if it all goes down hill, i would like to own a boutique shoe store.

every word to bohemian rhapsody.

how to make a killer, healthy breakfast.

that's not fair... it changes daily. thank you, reddit.