I'm a creative living in Akron working as a freelance artist and a multimedia storyteller for The Devil Strip magazine. My interests include creating (obviously), women's issues, self help, health and wellness, true crime, art, literature, DIY, Marcel The Shell, and about 50 million other things.

documentary filmmaking, the creative process, photography, self help, self care, health and wellness, intuition, fitness, true crime, my animals' neuroses, my own neuroses.

my propensity to be overly ambitious.

Your freedom is an urgent matter.

I admire underdogs who come from very little and are self-made, those persist through hardships to come out the other side achieving their dreams because they are my inspiration and hope that I will too. While these types of people empower me, I'm also proud of them as if I knew many of them myself, and I think that's because in a sense I do, as my story also runs a similar gamut, except I'm still trying to "come out on the other side".

My intuition is not of this world.

Move to an area known for its warm climate and beautiful beaches, live in a bungalow, and sell juice and weird things I make.

I feel like this question took me too long to answer it without it being ironic and therefore I will come back to it when I randomly think of something.

I would teach them how to help them reduce acne and acne scars.