I have 27 years of experience with broadcast TV - my favorite department in TV is news & promotion. I have 10 years experience in sales and was the last one to believe I could be a salesperson. I love it! I enjoy meeting people and learning something new every day! I believe every position along my career path has been a building block to today! Grateful.

allowing people to feel comfortable around me, listening, laughing, enjoying what it is.

balance, not balancing work/life but balance as in standing up - I'm always falling, tripping, dropping things.

best way to double your money - fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

my parents, they taught me to work hard and work honest.

I can type over 90 words per minute. I can pick up items with my toes. I can sing harmony.

lawn service

tenderness and understanding

I would teach them to appreciate trees. I love trees and I have a favorite type - glad you asked... the river birch. Trees do communicate through the ground and their root systems.

brian on family guy vomiting

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