IM NOT AN EMPTY BOOK. Im a photobook, with lots of cool peectures. I also do things that move with my camera and with animation. I want to be a better writer and I love to learn about everything between scriptwriting, how to make dagwoods, first aid and how to make wub-wub sounds in real life.

Creative thingies that move and even the things that don't.

Not frantically devouring toasted chicken-mayo's

Don't drink the river water.

People who tell good stories. Them buggers.

I ask questions first and shoot ( pictures ) later.

Photographer ( semi-current ) , male porn-star and chef.

Breaking my arm, my first exhibition, Africaburn and chicken mayo sawmies.

Uhm, how to tell better stories, how to use a camera, how to make friends with bribery, why the hell taxi's are such crazy drivers, and much much more

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