Designer | Southerner living in Michigan | Wife to one Hunky Husband + Momma to one Spunky Baby Girl | Adventure + Food Enthusiast | | Beloved Daughter of the King

Design.. Savannah Georgia.. The Food Network.. Old Hollywood musicals.. Good coffee shops.. Local happenings..

anything related to fixing my vehicle

Don't compare where you are in your journey to someone else's. Everyone's path is different and everyone has different strength's and challenges to overcome.

My momma, because she's a hard worker with lots of spunk who raised her kids to be equally hard working, well-mannered, spunky, and followers of Christ.

speed reader and movie quote generator

Professional product namer or food judge

my childhood address and my chick-fil-a order

I am very good at teaching my nieces new pattycake versions. So I think I would go with pattycake skills for novice, intermediate, and advanced.

Michelle Tanner's "you got it dude" thumbs up GIF

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