FINE ART PRACTICE - I create interdisciplinary works that explore contemporary concepts of feminine identity – its multiplicity and self authorship. These ideas stem from research into female archetypes particularly the femme fatale, through historical storytelling, modern film, pop culture, social psychological theories and the visual arts.

CREATIVE DIRECTION - When taking on a Creative Direction role, I put all my energy into crafting unique and simple ways to interact with an audience or customer. Always encouraging my team to push past what they know, into unexpected territory.

An all-rounder, I know little bits, about lots of things – that’s probably because I’m super inquisitive. Bringing disparate influences together, while keeping sight of the bigger picture. Researching and developing work from insights and cultural trends is my thing.

FASHION DESIGN – I blur the lines between the creative disciplines. Fusing art with fashion and most importantly sustainability. With a strong desire to bring positive change to the local and international fashion industry, focusing on substantial ways to offer and promote sustainability in highly desirable fashion. My design sensibilities draw on a mix of historical and contemporary art and design, yet grounded in a strong passion for local environment and culture.

When I was 18 the very accomplished artist Ming Mackay (who was then in her 70s) told me that she could learn as much from me as I could from her – it was a real lesson in humility and a reminder that everyone has something to offer creatively.

I admire anyone who creates... yes anyone... it's easy to talk, but it takes courage to put yourself out there and simply do.

Making Polish dumplings (pierogi).

It's not really 'new', but a reminder that you need to feed creativity with experience-ing.

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