I'm nomadic at my core, but happily, I've found a place to kick up my heels in Austin. I'm passionate about helping people connect the dots and make sense of their universe, as a friend, mentor, marketer, and creative problem solver. I was 100% sold on CreativeMornings the minute I set foot in a talk, and I've been an organizer ever since. You can find me leading CMFieldTrips around Austin.

Marketing, branding, photography, art, cooking, travel, writing.

Organization. I've got a great idea....wait...where did I put that again?

When mulling over an important decision with two different paths...."Is it possible that you can't make a wrong decision? Maybe both paths are right."

Julia Child. She was fearless, unflappable and completely original. And her recipe for beef bourguignon will change your life.


Puppy or baby panda wrangler

Faces, random facts

A compas from Sevillanas.